Women & Minorities Officer: Stephanie Kivlin (UC-Irvine)

My role in the student section is to facilitate and encourage participation by young female and minority scientists in ecology by selecting a recipient from this group for an outstanding research scholarship.

I’m a Ph.D. student in Kathleen Treseder’s lab at UC-Irvine. My research focuses on determining the factors that control soil fungal community assembly and how the structure of fungal communities affects ecosystem level processes. I approach this problem by (1) characterizing dispersal capabilities of fungi through the atmosphere, (2) synthesizing published data on fungal communities, and (3) experimentally manipulating fungal community assembly and composition in litter bags. My work employs the use of high-throughput sequencing techniques, natural abundance characterization of stable isotopes, and most recently, novel, small-pore litter bags. Outside of my dissertation, I’m broadly interested in the effects of plant invasions and global change on soil nutrient cycling.

skivlin (at) uci.edu

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