Eco-Art Festival Co-Director: Ana Elisa Pérez (University of Puerto Rico)

The Eco-Arts exhibit creates a forum for ecologists to look differently at the issues we are facing and ways of exposing theme. As ecologists we must consider the responsibility of taking findings beyond the academic realm and art serves as a creative way to promote, outreach and contextualize ecological processes and knowledge. This is why my role is to work with the planning of the Eco arts exhibit. Coordinate efforts so that it reaches out to different areas of ESA and emphasize on the importance of art in ecological communication and knowledge.

I’m currently a junior in the University of Puerto Rico, in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies specifically in Urban Ecology. As a SEEDS-ESA Fellowship student ( I was working with farmers comparing organic vs. conventional weed management ( Herbicides are to a vast degree contrary to integrated weed management and have direct and indirect negative social and environmental effects on agroecosystems. In this research I started thinking about the type of ecologist I wanted to become, one that is mostly doing applied ecological research that promotes participation and active learning and inquiry, but especially in agroecology, human ecology and coastal systems. With this principal we created GAIA Grupos Ambientales Interdisciplinarios Aliados (Alliance of Interdisciplinary Environmental Groups, an outreach socio-ecology group in the city, composed of groups of various ages and social sectors that join to move beyond the school walls and create a link between school and community for a comprehensive environmental education based on issues of ecology, art, culture and environmentalism.

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