Mexico Chapter Liaison: Fabricio Villalobos (National Autonomous University of Mexico)

Being a Mexican student, ecological research is one of the most exciting things I have ever pursued. This is not only because of Mexico’s great biodiversity but also because the field of ecology itself as a professional career seems to be one way to put your ideas across and help build a better world for us and the next generations of every living being. During my academic development, attending scientific meetings has been extremely important to acquire confidence, experience, expand my perspectives and mainly learn what is being done in my research field worldwide. This is particularly true for students without many opportunities in their home country, so traveling abroad to share and present ideas represent a fundamental part of our professional development. I have had the opportunity to be a founding member of the Mexican Ecological Society Student Section, and from this I have learned that one of the best ways to encourage students and help them in their careers is to allow them to broaden their horizons in every possible aspect.

My research interests focus on the relationship between species geographical distribution and richness, namely the way in which the distribution of species underlies the patterns of geographic variation in diversity. Consequently, I'm interested in the development of null models to test the statistical significance of such patterns and in general community ecology to study the assemblage of animal communities at different spatial scales. Although much of my research is theoretical in nature -- I focus my research on mammals, especially bats -- I'm always curious about describing and explaining geographical patterns for other vertebrates.

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