Undergraduate Presentation Awards Coordinator: Meghan Avolio (Yale)

Sally Koerner and I are in charge of the undergraduate presentation competition for ESA 2010. This competition includes both poster and oral presentations. We will work closely with the competition chair to ensure the success of this contest. Our main duties will entail organizing the undergraduates who wish to participate, as well as convincing graduate students to volunteer as judges and organizing that judging schedule during the meeting. After the meeting, we will be responsible for tallying the votes and determining the winners of the competitions.

I am interested in how plant communities respond to climate change. I am focusing on two aspects of the plant community, the genotypic diversity within a dominant species, and the mutualistic mycorrhizal fungal community associated with the plant community. My dissertation research is focused on understanding the impact of climate change on a complex biotic community, the tallgrass prairie, and I aim to link genotypic diversity of dominant species with their associated mutualists, and assess the implications of these interactions for the plant community.

meghan.avolio (at) yale.edu

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