2009 meeting in Albuquerque, NM

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Student Section Motto: “It’s our nature”

  • 15 officers in the ESA student section. All of this work couldn’t be done without them--we’re the most active section


  1. Membership
    1. Recruit your friends! It will give the section more money
    2. We had the busiest booth, guarantees booth for next year
  2. Student Travel Funds
    1. 30 students applied (including 5 international students)
    2. 50% of applicants funded (14 total)
    3. Next year want to double applicant pool and the awards
  3. Student EcoArts
    1. Art, film and photo festival
    2. 1st place—free registration ($200 and a plaque)
    3. 2nd and 3rd place partial registration fees covered
    4. Future plans for EcoArts in the years to come:
      1. Cool field notebooks, expanding visual arts for the EcoArts
      2. Serge forinas-Heavy metal thrash music
  4. Sessions
    1. Every section has the opportunity to endorse a workshop or session: Please give us ideas for a workshop
    2. This year we got 3 proposals for a SS
    3. We also endorsed an undergrad ESA orientation with a graduate panel, organized by Dr. Val Smith
  5. Awards
    1. Everyone gets plaques!
    2. Over $4000 and 36 awards given away
    3. Examples include:
      1. Best undergrad presentation
      2. Best undergrad paper award
  6. Student representatives
    1. Will be voting on new committee members

    2. As a committee member you get to represent your peers and go on all-expense-paid retreats
    3. We need more volunteers!!!! You can get a publication by working on the section board
    4. Positions opening up:
      1. Webmaster assistant

      2. Local host for Pittsburgh ESA
      3. Student column writer--Fresh perspectives in Frontiers
        1. SS has had 32 accepted publications since 2007
          + i.e. How students are involved in eco-service


  1. Finances
    1. Started with $8000 for the past fiscal year
    2. $4000 spent on awards and additional monies spent on food
    3. At ESA this year we have grossed $4000 based on student section fees and mixer tickets
    4. Got a $2000 long range planning grant
    5. Starting with $10,000 for next year

SECTION FUNCTIONS: Discussion and suggestions from audience

  1. How can we highlight student research?
    1. Elizabeth Harp is in charge of student column in Frontiers
    2. Podcast—was funded 2 years ago, but dissolved. There were 2 pilots, but no one to direct the progress of project
    3. If we get a new director, Licor will give money to get Podcast going again
  2. BIG ISSUE: Travel funding cut for grad students in the recession
    1. The student section wants to DOUBLE travel grant awards
    2. Can we spread the wealth?
      1. Only 30 people applied out of 552 student members—sign up for listserv, and on facebook so that you know what you can apply for
    3. Can you get travel grant without presenting?
      1. No need to be first author, but deadline was extended past May to get more people to apply
    4. What incentives make people apply for awards? What’s a good amount of money to give ?
      1. This year SS gave $200 for foreign, $150 for domestic
    5. Suggestions for future:
      1. Increase each award by $50
      2. Tier it for how close to the convention center
      3. Allow a space on the travel app. where people can ask for how much money they will need to travel. One student took greyhound from Boston to ABQ—only $300 bucks.
      4. Wait to see how many apps are in before announcing award amount. See if SS could spread out funds as efficiently as possible—show of hands in audience sided with this idea.
  3. Making housing cheaper at ESA
    1. Get a forum for a roommate—can use SS facebook to try and find roommates.
  4. Can SS do business outside of convention center?
    1. ESA wants all sections to keep business in the convention center in order to get discounts, unfortunately big events outside convention center are frowned upon.
  5. Conference Endorsements
    1. The future of ESA going more towards workshops and special sessions
    2. SS can endorse more then one workshop or special session--it is NOT limited <¡>We’ll endorse any panel you can think of
  6. Workshop suggestion:
    1. Discussion WK for students who don’t fit the norm—students with learning/physical disabilities, students with interests outside out higher education etc…
  7. Can we have mentors in the section?
    1. SEEDS exists, but we have the infostructure for more eco-service—people need to get on the internet and connect with others
  8. We need linkage btw the other sections/societies


Kelly DeRennaux (kelly.derennaux(at)okstate.edu) has a submission to be endorsed: Careers in ecology (besides being a professor)

Fabricio Villalobos (fabricio.villalobos(at)gmail.com) ESA Mexican chapter secretary, officer for Mexican ecological society. Get in touch with him for international travel awards. They also got a long range grant to get 5 (women) here to ESA.

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