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America’s Everglades Summit

Being held in Washington, DC on May 19-20, 2010, conservation, business and governmental leaders will be uniting to educate federal lawmakers and administration officials on the environmental and economic value of the Everglades.

There is no cost to attend.To learn more about the Everglades Foundation:

Florida Earth Project Natural Systems Module

May 15-16, 2008; Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and Everglades National Park, Florida

This two-day public education course on Natural Systems of South Florida will cover topics such as wading birds, nutrient systems in natural areas, monitoring the natural system, and many others. Instruction will be by biologists, geologists, hydrologists, engineers, computer modelers, and other professionals working on South Florida environmental problems.

Administered by Florida Earth Foundation

Florida's Wildlife: On the Frontline of Climate Change

August 20-22, 2008; Rozen Plaza; Orlando, Florida

Promoted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University

Presenters and workshop participants will identify key research needs, improve awareness of impacts on wildlife, and develop ideas to optimize species conservation for integration into Florida Fish and Wildlife's comprehensive climate change strategy.

Environmental Flows . . . Water for People and Nature in the Southeast: "Developing a dialogue for balancing human and environmental needs for water in a rapidly changing region"

October 27-29, 2008; Athens Classic Center; Athens, Georgia
Call for Papers

Organized by the J.W. Jones Ecological Research Center
Promoted by the Southeastern Environmental Flows Partnership (UGA, GA EPD, USEPA, USGS, U. of Alabama)

Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems Science Conference

December 8-11, 2008; Naples, Florida
Abstract Submission Deadline: September 1, 2008. Click here for details.

The purpose of this conference is to increase our understanding of the connectivity and ecological dynamics and relationships among south Florida estuarine and coastal ecosystems, including: Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay, Whitewater Bay, waters of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and other adjacent coastal systems. Attendees will discuss the influence of watershed management with a focus on restoration as well as recent model development, applications and improved definition of restoration targets.

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