Ecological Society of America

ESA's Southeast Regional Knowledge Partnership (SEKP) seeks to bring scientists, policy makers, and business and community leaders together to address the particular environmental issues confronting the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Ecologists who want to affect decision making about the environment must understand the needs of decision makers and how to make ecological knowledge available in a form that is both accessible and useful.

The SEKP furthers this goal by creating a series of forums and networks in which ecological information is made available and usable by individuals in local communities, government, business, and industry.

Event Highlight

Annual Meeting for the Association of Southeastern Biologists, April 16-19, 2008, Spartanburg, SC.

Symposium III: The Southeast Regional Knowledge Partnership: From Regional Relevance to Global Significance (Friday afternoon session)

The purpose of this symposium was to initiate dialogue among Chapter members and other interested attendees at the 2008 meeting of the ASB.  This was accomplished by first providing overviews of environmental issues of particular relevance to the southeast region and then following these presentations with an open dialogue between and among presenters and attendees.

River Gorge American Oystercatchers Bald Eagles at Reelfoot National WildlifeRefuge

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