This workshop is organized by:
Office of Science Programs

Scaling UP: Population and Community Ecology

A Workshop for Early Career Scientists

ESA’s Office of Science Programs announces the Workshop, “Scaling Up: Population and Community Ecology, A Workshop for Early Career Scientists” to be held June 4 to June 7, 2013 in Linthicum Heights, MD (near Baltimore).  This workshop at the Maritime Institute’s Conference Center will include three and a half days of presentations, discussions, working group sessions, and joint meetings with a concurrent student workshop on the Future of Environmental Decisions.

Objectives:  The workshop will bring together early career scientists in ecology and biology to:

  1. Identify key questions in population and community ecology that can or should be addressed at continental scales;
  2. Assess the status of existing analytical, physical, and software tools needed to address these questions; and
  3. Identify needs and capabilities for developing new tools to address continental-scale questions.

The workshop aims to encourage early career scientists to explore continental-scale questions, and will create opportunities for scientists to get feedback on the broader impacts of their research from undergraduate and graduate students attending the concurrent workshop.

Dates:  June 4th – June 7th, 2013

Location:  The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute  in Linthicum Heights, MD (near Baltimore)

Applications:  Applications are now closed.