August 3-8, 2003. Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia

Call for Workshops

Workshops: Workshops require a proposal submitted to the Program Chair, through the ESA web site, by 1 December 2002. Workshops are focused learning/teaching sessions, usually with more experienced persons transferring specific knowledge or skills to others. They might involve one presenter, a series of lecturers, or a panel. Workshops are usually scheduled for half-days on the Sunday before the scientific meeting starts, and before the Public Plenary and Welcome Mixer, either 8 am to noon or 12:30-4:30 pm. A few Saturday afternoon workshops might be scheduled, especially if they start with or include a scientific field trip. Please indicate your preference for am or pm time slots. Full-day workshops are possible, but are given more stringent scrutiny. Workshops generally involve a per person participation fee that covers refreshments, materials, special equipment, or, occasionally, lunch. Any other needs that may result in expenditures (e.g., special equipment rentals other than slide, overhead or LCD projectors) should be listed. All workshop proposals must indicate minimum and maximum participation. You should be notified of acceptance of the workshop or discussion session by 15 February 2003. Communication between the Program Chair, meeting organizer, and session organizers will be necessary in most cases before final approval is given.

Workshop and evening session/discussion proposals must be received by the Program Chair before 1 December 2002 by the Program Chair via the ESA web site (links from ). In extraordinary circumstances in which you do not have access to the Web, proposals may also be e-mailed to the address given below. Please check with the Program Chair before following this route. Instructions for the submission of Posters and Oral Presentations are given above. Please do not use the Poster and Oral Presentation web site for submission of workshop and discussion proposals. If you submit your proposal on the web site submission form, you will be notified electronically concerning review and acceptance of your proposal, using the return e-mail address that you provide. If the return address is incorrect, you will not be notified. If you do not hear from the Program Chair or Meeting Organizer by 31 January 2003, please contact ESA@LTRR.ARIZONA.EDU to confirm that your proposal was received. The complete scientific program should be on the ESA and ISEM web sites by 1 May 2003, and each accepted proposal organizer or submitter should check for exact time and location of their workshops or discussion, as these are subject to change (and mistakes are sometimes made). Organizers are responsible for notifying all participants in their workshop, evening session, or discussion concerning the date, time, and place of the session.

Cancellation policy: Once a workshop or evening session/discussion has been accepted and listed in the Preliminary Program, it imposes a serious burden to cancel it. Do not submit a proposal if you are uncertain that you will be able to fulfill your obligation to organize and conduct the session.

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