August 3-8, 2003. Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia

Selection of a session. Those submitting abstracts will be asked to choose “poster” or “paper.” Make this selection carefully: once your abstract is committed to one category, it is difficult to move to the other. Do not submit to symposia. Symposia are put together by one or more organizers, and all papers submitted to them must have their prior approval. You will also be asked to select a first, second, and third choice for sessions from a list available. These choices are important. In assembling papers to form approximately equal-sized sessions, your first choice will be given heavy weight. If it is necessary to move papers, second and third choices may also be considered. In a few cases, your paper may be moved to a new or different session. Assembling the program is one of the most difficult tasks, and moving papers once they have been assigned is often a problem because it may entail a cascade of moves. Thus, please be understanding if your first choice is not available.