- "2003 ESA PP Proof 2 Live" is the full document. It was created in low resolution format and contains a few live links for us to test as examples. Please disregard the maps in this file as the do not represent the quality we will see in the final version.

- "2003 ESA PP HIRES MAPS" and "2003 ESA PP Shuttle MAPS" are the local area and shuttle maps created in high resolution format. This is the format that will be used in the final version so consider imagine these as replacing the maps in the first document.

She did not create the entire document in high resolution format for review because that would make the file enormous. She and Frnak have talked and will coordinate to ensure that the graphics in the final version are of the high resolution level of quality.

- "2003ESAPP." is the first part of the Summary Overview. Susie hasn't quite finished this, but sent this along so we could get a sense of it.

If anyone wants to look at a hardcopy or has other questions or concerns, please see Tricia. We probably shouldn't burn up the ink cartridges on the color printer producing multiple color copies for internal review.