August 3-8, 2003. Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia

Instructions for preparing an Abstract

Abstracts for contributed posters and paper sessions must be received no later than 1 March 2003, and must be submitted electronically over the Internet using the application form on the ESA web site. Persons who have no possibility of gaining access to the internet should contact the Program Chair by e-mail or by post at the address given below for instructions on how to proceed. ESA reserves the right to charge a fee for special services. The text of the abstract (excluding authors, institutions, and title) should be no more than 230 words. Abstracts should include a statement of objectives, brief description of methods used, concise presentation of quantitative results, and a summary of conclusions or inferences drawn. Vague statements to the effect that “results will be discussed” or “data will be presented” may result in abstract rejection. A lack of specifics may be cause for rejection. Submit the abstract to the ESA web site on the electronic form provided. Follow the instructions on the web site, but expect to provide at least this much information, and in this format:

  1. Author to contact (typically the senior author, but not necessarily)
  2. Institution
  3. Complete mailing address (street address, city, state, country, zip code)
  4. Phone number
  5. E-mail address (IMPORTANT NOTE: if this is not correct, you will receive no information about acceptance!)
  6. Person presenting the paper
  7. Preference for oral or poster presentation
  8. Affiliation with Society: are you a member of ESA or ISEM?
  9. First- and second-choice session preference (see ESA web site for topic codes, pull-down menu on ESA abstract submission form).

The Abstract must use the following format:

  1. CAPITALIZE names of all authors. For the FIRST author, list the last name first, then first initial, then middle initial. DO NOT TYPE OUT GIVEN NAMES; USE INITIALS ONLY. For any other authors, type first initial, second initial, last name.
  2. Place an ASTERISK by the last name of the PRESENTER of the paper.
  3. Name of authors’ institutions (NOT department affiliation or street address). When two or more authors have different addresses, place a superscript number after each author’s name and a corresponding superscript before each author’s address. If all authors are from the same institution, no numbering is needed.
  4. Title of the presentation.
  5. DO NOT INDENT any part of the abstract itself.
  6. The abstract should be a single paragraph.

Symbols and special fonts. These are given as a pull-down menu of codes on the ESA abstract submission form on the ESA web site ( and follow links) and are generally HTML codes.

Notification of receipt. You will be notified of receipt electronically using the RETURN e-mail address, which you will be asked to supply on the electronic submission form. Please take care to insure that this address is correct. If it is not, you will not receive notice.