August 3-8, 2003. Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia

Call for Evening Sessions/Discussions

Evening Sessions
: Require a proposal submitted to the Program Chair via the ESA web site by 1 December 2002. Evening Sessions/Discussions (these terms are used broadly) are a supplement to the formal program that provide an opportunity for extended dialogue and exchanges not usually possible in the regular sessions. Most run for 12 hours, and most will be scheduled in the evenings.

Discussions are not intended for the presentation of formal research papers. They may be scheduled at any time during the meeting from Saturday through Thursday, but it is very strongly preferred that they not run concurrently with the papers or posters. Hence, evenings or the preceding Sunday are the best times. Scheduling is flexible, especially on the days preceding the formal sessions. The preferred starting time for evening is generally 8:00 pm to allow participants to have dinner or otherwise adjust their body chemistry to prepare for the rigors of intellectual engagement. For purposes of selecting an appropriate-sized meeting room, you must indicate the expected minimum and maximum attendance.

This year almost all Evening Sessions will take place in the Hyatt Hotel across the river from the Savannah Convention Center. This will enable participants to go to dinner or to their Section/Chapter business meetings-mixers on the Hyatt Hotel side of the river, and then to Evening Sessions/Discussions without having to re-cross the river to the Convention Center.

Workshop and evening session/discussion proposals must be received by the Program Chair before 1 December 2002 by the Program Chair via the ESA web site (links from ). In extraordinary circumstances in which you do not have access to the Web, proposals may also be e-mailed to the address given below. Please check with the Program Chair before following this route. Instructions for the submission of Posters and Oral Presentations are given above. Please do not use the Poster and Oral Presentation web site for submission of workshop and discussion proposals. If you submit your proposal on the web site submission form, you will be notified electronically concerning review and acceptance of your proposal, using the return e-mail address that you provide. If the return address is incorrect, you will not be notified. If you do not hear from the Program Chair or Meeting Organizer by 31 January 2003, please contact ESA@LTRR.ARIZONA.EDU to confirm that your proposal was received. The complete scientific program should be on the ESA and ISEM web sites by 1 May 2003, and each accepted proposal organizer or submitter should check for exact time and location of their workshops or discussion, as these are subject to change (and mistakes are sometimes made). Organizers are responsible for notifying all participants in their workshop, evening session, or discussion concerning the date, time, and place of the session.

Cancellation policy: Once a workshop or evening session/discussion has been accepted and listed in the Preliminary Program, it imposes a serious burden to cancel it. Do not submit a proposal if you are uncertain that you will be able to fulfill your obligation to organize and conduct the session.

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