August 3-8, 2003. Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia


Corrections and cancellations. Before submitting an abstract, authors should be confident that they will attend the meeting. If circumstances prevent attendance, the first option explored should be to find another person to make the presentation. If it is not possible to prepare the talk or poster, or no substitute presenter can be found, the author should notify the program chair as soon as this is known so that the program can be as accurate as possible. Barring unexpected software difficulties, the complete scientific program will be available on the ESA website by 1 May 2003. Submitters should check their abstracts and note the session, time, and place of their presentation AS SOON AS IT APPEARS ON THE WEBSITE. Revisions, corrections, or withdrawals should be emailed to the ESA Program Chair ESA@LTRR.ARIZONA.EDU BEFORE 15 May 2003. Authors are asked not to request minor changes that do not substantially affect clarity or accuracy. Corrections cannot be made after the program goes to the printer. Persons who cancel a presentation after 15 May 2003, or who fail to appear to make a scheduled presentation without good reason will not be allowed to present at the next annual meeting.