August 3-8, 2003. Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia


Call for Judges for Buell Braun Award Competition

July 7, 2003

Dear Colleague,

I am the current Chairperson for the Buell/Braun Student Awards Subcommittee of the Ecological Society of America. If you are attending the ESA meeting next month in Savannah, I am sending out this e-mail to try and twist your arm into volunteering to judge around 4-6 student papers/posters.

Current graduate students are not eligible to judge, but anyone with a M.S. or Ph.D. can serve as a judge. I really need as many people as possible to judge this competition, so please consider volunteering to help with this important society function if possible! Please forgive me if this is a duplicate request for you, or if you have already indicated which papers/posters you are willing to judge.

All you need to do is file the attached Word (BuellBraunProgram2003.doc) or Rich Text Format (BuellBraunProgram2003.rtf) document that lists all the 2003 Buell/Braun Student Papers by day, Session, time, student author, and title of the presentation. Then, simply edit the document to add your name and e-mail on p. 1, and mark (for example, by highlighting, changing the color of the font, or cutting and pasting) the sessions or individual papers/posters you would be willing to judge. Save the edited file showing your choices, and e-mail it to me at by no later than July 21, 2003.

I will assign around 4-6 papers and posters to you to judge, and I will e-mail you the judging forms with the information about the candidate’s name and affiliation, plus the title, date, time, and location of the presentation already filled out (you should receive the forms by about July 30, 2003). You will need to print out a hardcopy of each judging form I e-mail to you, and bring it with you to Savannah so you can complete your evaluation after you see the presentations assigned to you. The last step will be to return your completed judging forms to the “Buell/Braun Award” box at the Buell/Braun booth in the Exhibits and Displays area near Exhibit Hall B of the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center (SITCC).

There will be a Buell Braun Judges Meeting on Sunday, Aug. 3, from 1-2 pm in the Jasper Board Room on the first floor of the SITCC, which you can attend if you want more information on the judging process. Attendance at this meeting is not required in order for you to serve as a judge, but it will probably be helpful for first time judges.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Karen Clancy, 2003 Buell/Braun Student Awards Subcommittee Chair
Rocky Mountain Research Station
Flagstaff, AZ

» Call for Judges for Buell Braun Competition
» Buell Braun Program 2003 (MS Word File)
» Buell Braun Program 2003 (rtf document)