ESA/ISEM Annual Meeting - Savannah, Georgia, August 2003
Abstract Submission Fee Form

Please read the information below carefully and thoroughly before completing this form.

In response to growing concern about program gaps due to abstract cancellations, ESA has instituted a policy designed to minimize this problem. In order to discourage post-scheduling abstract withdrawals, last-minute cancellations, and no-shows, a $50 Abstract Submission Fee must be paid for each abstract submitted for an oral paper, paper in an organized oral session, poster presentation, or symposium talk to be presented at the ESA Annual Meeting to be held jointly with ISEM in Savannah, Georgia, in August 2003. While ESA considers the abstract presenter to be responsible for the Abstract Submission Fee, another individual may provide the payment.

Abstract Submission Fee payment is required and no abstract will be accepted for presentation unless such payment can be documented. Please note that payment does not guarantee abstract acceptance. In addition, neither submission of an abstract nor payment of an Abstract Submission Fee will automatically register you to attend the ESA/ISEM Annual Meeting. You must complete and submit a separate Meeting Registration Form to register to attend the meeting in order to present your oral paper, poster presentation, or symposium talk. (Meeting registration will open in May of 2003.)

The Abstract Submission Fee will be refunded in the form of a credit against meeting registration fees once the abstract presenter registers to attend the meeting. (Specific instructions for claiming the credit will accompany the Meeting Registration Form.) A refund of the Abstract Submission Fee will be issued for any abstract withdrawn prior to April 30, 2003, the cancellation deadline. No refund of the Abstract Submission Fee will be issued for any abstract withdrawn after April 30, 2003. Furthermore, if the original presenter does not attend the meeting but arranges for a substitute to present his or her abstract, the latter will not be entitled to claim the credit against meeting registration fees.

The deadline for submission of both the abstract and the Abstract Submission Fee is 5 PM Eastern Standard Time ON March 1, 2003. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the ESA and ISEM Program Chairs for the meeting. After verifying payment of the Abstract Submission Fee, the ESA and ISEM Program Chairs will notify you whether your abstract has been accepted, rejected, or requires revision in order to be accepted. Please note that only one abstract submission will be accepted per primary author. However, you may be a secondary author for additional abstracts submitted.

Before completing this Abstract Submission Fee Form, you must first submit your abstract using the link on the ESA website at Once your abstract has been submitted, you will receive an Abstract Submission Reference Number. To facilitate proper linking of your Abstract Submission Fee payment to your abstract submission, enter that number in the space indicated on this Abstract Submission Fee Form. Please do not submit either your abstract or your Abstract Submission Fee Form more than once.

Each Abstract Submission Fee Form must be accompanied by full payment of the $50 Abstract Submission Fee. Completed forms may be faxed to ESA Headquarters at (202) 833-8775 or mailed to the Ecological Society of America, ATTN: ESA/ISEM Annual Meeting Abstract Submission Fee, Department 0666, Washington, DC 20073. If paying by check or money order, your completed form must be returned by mail. (Credit card payment is also accepted by mail.) If completing the electronic version of the Abstract Submission Fee Form online or submitting a hard copy of the Form by fax, your payment must be made by credit card.

If you would prefer a printed Abstract Submission Fee Form, just download a printable pdf form (Fillable Form and may be filled out on your computer).  Click here if you don't have a PDF viewer.

Please complete each of the following items or enter "N/A" if not applicable.

Section A: Abstract Information

NOTE: In order to properly apply the Abstract Submission Fee accompanying this form, we need to know for which abstract the payment is being paid. Please complete the following items as they pertain to that abstract only.

*Abstract Submission Reference Number:   - -
(format must be 2 or 3 letters, followed by 4 digits, followed by 6 digits; e.g., CRO-0215-123456)
*Name of Primary Author:  
*Name of Abstract Presenter:  
*Affiliation/Institution/Agency of Abstract Presenter:  
*Abstract Type:   Oral Paper Poster Presentation Symposium Talk
Oral Paper in an Organized Oral Session
Section B: Abstract Submission Fee Refund Recipient:
NOTE: We will issue a refund of the fee once the abstract presenter registers to attend the ESA/ISEM Annual Meeting. To properly issue that refund, we need to know to who is to receive it. Please complete the following items as they pertain to the refund recipient. Remember, as this refund will only be issued as a credit against meeting registration fees, the refund recipient must be attending 2003 ESA/ISEM Annual Meeting. This person need not, however, be the person paying the fee.
*Name of Refund Recipient:
*Affiliation/Institution/Agency of Refund Recipient:
Contact Information for Refund Recipient.............
*City, State/Province:
*Zip or Postal Code:
*Daytime Phone #: (Area Code) XXX-XXXX
Fax #:  (Area Code) XXX-XXXX
*Contact Email Address: (
Section C: Payment Information

NOTE: ESA accepts payment by credit card (MasterCard or VISA only). While we accept checks and money order, we does not accept these with the online form. ESA does not accept America Express, Discover, or Diners Club changes or purchase orders.

Credit card charges cannot be processed unless an expiration date is provided.

*Payment Type (Credit Card):
*Name as it appears on Card:
*Card Number:
*Expiration Date (MM/YY): /
Form should not be mailed if submitted online.

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