WK #7975: “RUI in Action: Developing a Primer for Undergraduate Research”
Monday, August 6, 2012
11:30 AM – 1:15 PM

Sponsored by the Researchers at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions Section (R-PUI), our workshop will document best practices and ultimate challenges that occur with conducting research with undergraduates. New “Vision and Change” curriculum initiatives emphasize cultivating the scientific thought process. Our section believes that conducting research with undergraduates embodies the very principles talked about during discussions focused on transforming undergraduate biology education. However, we also recognize inherent difficulties of career planning with undergraduates in mind. We envision splitting up participants into teams focused on six core areas: 1) Defining a realistic research program appropriate for inclusion of undergraduates and setting challenging, but nevertheless reachable, goals; 2) Sustaining undergraduate research programs thru grant, external resources and institutional support; 3) Networking and/or collaborating with peers as a means of fostering productivity; 4) Presenting and publishing with undergraduates; 5) What to expect when you are expecting to do publishable research with undergraduates; and 6) The Nitty Gritty – Tips from the Pros. We will also devote time to brainstorming topics that may not fall under the areas describe above. Each team will develop an outline of chapters and topics for their core area and a list of any available resources or primary literature that could be used to support particular recommendations. Previous workshops may have address some of these topics but none of those workshops came with a plan for a specific outcome, such as a primer that future and current faculty members can turn to when they have questions about best practices in undergraduate research.