New Phytologist

New Phytologist is owned by a non-profit-making trust dedicated to the promotion of plant science, facilitating projects from symposia to open access for our Tansley reviews. Research on all aspects of plant science is published - complimentary copies, reprints and a free trial offer will be available on the stand.


Princeton University Press
Princeton University Press offers a 20% discount on great new books including Vitousek's NUTRIENT CYCLING AND LIMITATION, Walters and Martell's FISHERIES ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, Chanham, Cole & Lauenroth's MODELS IN ECOSYSTEM SCIENCE, the spectacular new FLOWERING PLANTS OF THE NEOTROPICS, and the second volume of Janet Browne's CHARLES DARWIN biography.
Princeton University Press
National Academies

The National Academies administers Postdoctoral and Senior Research Awards through its Associateship Programs, part of the Policy and Global Affairs Division. The Research Associateship Programs are sponsored by federal laboratories and NASA Research Centers at over one hundred locations in the United States and overseas.


Springer-Verlag Springerís authors are highly qualified experts. They include a large number of Nobel prizewinners and more are added every year. Scientists, doctors and engineers such as Robert Koch, Ferdinand Sauerbruch, Albert Einstein, Werner von Siemens and Otto Hahn have published their works at Springer. Springer-Verlag is a leading publisher in Germany, and also counts among the largest in the world