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Third International Conference in China


Financial sponsorship was received from the following agencies and organizations:

Additional support was received from the following organizations:

The Conference was planned over a two-year period. During that time, the nine members of the Organizing Committee (Mary Barber, Rona Birnbaum, Jan Willem Erisman, Jonathan Garber, Richard Haeuber, Kaj Sanders, Sybil Seitzinger, Stan Smeulders, and Joe Wisniewski) and the 22 members of the Science and Policy Program Committee (Mary Barber, Ton Bresser, William Chameides, Robin Dennis, Jan Willem Erisman, Robert Howarth, Charles Lander, Jerry Melillo, William Moomaw, Arvin Mosier, Rosamond Naylor, Kaj Sanders, Kenichi Satake, David Schimel, Sybil Seitzinger, Stan Smeulders, Robert Socolow, Jeffrey Stoner, Peter Vitousek, Ford West, Robert Wright, and Zhaoliang Zhu) worked diligently with the Conference Co-Chairs (Jim Galloway and Ellis Cowling) to ensure that the conference would be successful. The efforts of the publishers involved with the products from the Conference are greatly appreciated, namely: Anne Allen and Tara Retzlaff of TheScientificWorld; Janjaap Blum of A. A. Balkema Publishers; and especially Joe Wisniewski and Carol Jordan, who oversaw the review process of all the papers submitted for publication as a Contributed Papers.

The Conference and its associated activities could not have been so successful without the hard work and creative planning of the Ecological Society of America (ESA), particularly Mary Barber, Rhonda Kranz and Ellen Cardwell.

American Society of Agronomy
USDA Agriculture
Environmental Protection Agency
Crop Science Society of America
Dutch Ministry of Housing..
The Fertilizer Institute
Soil Science Society of America

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration