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Ecology in an Era of Globalization will be organized around three subthemes: invasive species, human migration, and production systems. The conference will begin with an evening plenary session, followed by three full days featuring keynote speakers, oral presentations, and poster sessions. Oral presentations and posters will include both invited submissions and contributions solicited in an open call for papers. Workshops will also be organized around the three subthemes.

The invasive species subtheme will address such topics as dispersal of invasive plant and animal species, emerging diseases, and resistance of local ecosystems to invasive species and disease.

The human migration subtheme will address the environmental effects of international and local emigration and immigration on recipient and source areas. Potential topics include infrastructure development needs and impacts, effects on land cover, and land use impacts.

The production subtheme will focus on ecosystem transformations, including land use change, required to produce goods and services for human use. Potential topics include the effects of changes in forest and agricultural policy on economies, biodiversity, and ecosystems throughout the Americas.

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Last updated: December 21, 2005
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