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There are 8 workshops are available to conference participants at no additional fee and 1 pre-conference workshop for a $35 fee (Thur. Oct 2. 1-5PM). You can only choose ONE workshop per day. There are 50 spaces per workshop, available on a first come first serve basis. Five workshops are 1-hour long and three workshops are 2-hours long. All workshops begin at 1:30PM. Descriptions of the workshops are available at You may add/change a workshop after you register if there is still space.

Field trips

We are excited to offer two field trips during the Conference. One field trip is a tour of the San Jose State University Museum Collection and the other field trip is to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. More information is available at You may add a fieldtrip after you have registered, if there is still space.

Note: The Monterey Bay Aquarium Fieldtrip will take place on Sunday.

Total Fees

Review the amount due for conference registration and field trips.

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Name: [248] [203] [246] Name on Badge: [306] [203] Affiliation on Badge: [207] FEES Registration Fees: $[226] Field trip Fees: $[302] Total Fees: $[303]

You will receive an email confirmation of your registration details and a second email with payment instructions. If you do not find these emails in your Inbox, please be sure to check your Junkbox. Please follow the payment instructions after you click on the "Submit" button to complete your registration process.

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