Want to support Inclusive Ecology?

The ESA Inclusive Ecology section is sponsoring a Special Session (#12) on Monday evening at the upcoming conference in Portland (OR), which will focus on causes and strategies for alleviating impacts of environmental change on minority communities. As a new section (founded in 2016), we are striving to accomplish a lot with relatively few resources. The organizing members of Inclusive Ecology would be grateful for your support in several ways: (1) by attending our session, (2) offering donations to offset travel costs for our invited speakers from Women of Color Speak Out, and (3) by helping us to locate rides for our invited speakers from Seattle to Portland on Monday (8/7/17) and from Portland to Seattle on Tuesday (8/8/17).┬áIf you are traveling on this itinerary and interested in ride sharing, please contact Kennedy “Ned” Rubert-Nason (kfrubert at gmail.com). We have also organized a Go Fund Me campaign to collect donations, so that we can keep this event free to all members of ESA.

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  1. Do you have any advice for someone with mental disability trying to break into the ecology field? I just graduated with my B. S. and need some help networking and finding a job. Thanks.

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