Inclusive Ecology

About Inclusive Ecology

The Inclusive Ecology section was approved by the Ecological Society of America in early 2016, though there were some reservations regarding its approval, namely that being inclusive is something all sections and ESA as a whole should be concerned with and not confined to a single section.

We completely agree.

All sections, and the society as a whole should be, and strive to be inclusive of all ecologists, and ESA has several programs in place to address issues of diversity.  However, sometimes as a society, we fall short or need help finding ways to achieve that goal, or are unaware that some improvements can be made to promote inclusivity.  The Inclusive Ecology section will strive to facilitate that process by working with the efforts of other ESA sections and programs to:

  • Provide education on ways to be more inclusive of all ecologists.
  • Provide support and mentoring for folks from underrepresented groups.
  • Provide a way for people to share concerns about inclusion with colleagues less formally or anonymously.





Current chair, webmaster, and jack-of-all trades by default is Elita Baldridge, please contact elita.baldridge at with any questions.  Also, volunteer to become a section officer.