"The science of ecology cannot be advanced without improving our
            understanding of human-environment interactions."

The Human Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America  is a forum for presenting, discussing and applying the ideas, methods and results of human ecology and other disciplines that examine human-environment interactions towards the advancement of ecological science and education.  We host an online discussion group and sponsor regular symposia, meetings and other activities at ESA meetings.

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CHAIR: Robert Dyball Australian National University <rob.dyball@anu.edu.au>
VICE CHAIR: Erle Ellis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County <ece@umbc.edu>
CHAIR EMERITUS: John Anderson, College of the Atlantic <jga@coa.edu>
WEBMASTER: Amy Freitag, Duke University <aef10@duke.edu>
SYMPOSIUM ORGANIZERS: Robert Dyball Australian National University <rob.dyball@anu.edu.au>

Human Ecology is an interdisciplinary science that explores the interactions of human and ecological systems.  It is also an applied science that seeks to employ our understanding of human and ecological systems towards sustainable stewardship of the biosphere.