EcoTone sheds its exoskeleton

Frequent visitors to EcoTone might notice a few changes to the look and layout of the blog.  Instead of one long list of posts, for example, the most recent posts are now presented with a photo and brief summary. That way, all of the news in ecology is together on one page for easy browsing. Sharing links with friends and colleagues on Facebook and Twitter is also simpler thanks to new social media buttons.

Over the last few years—with the guidance of former ESA Communications Officer Christine Buckley and other blog moderators—EcoTone has evolved into a top resource for the latest news in ecological science. Readership has grown substantially within the last year and it is apparent that the blog is viewed as a resource in topics ranging from iron-plated snails to science expressed through art. EcoTone is molting, one might say, in order to make room for growth—in this case, allowing more opportunities for sharing and producing fresh content.

The Ecological Society of America’s blog has come a long way since its creation in 2006, but the goals remain the same: to share the diverse aspects of ecological science and to encourage conversations about ecology within and between communities. So with multimedia options, technological advances and exciting online resources in ecology emerging, it’s on to the next stage!

What do you think of EcoTone? If you have any suggestions for posts, design additions or any other ideas, please share your insights. Email Katie Kline, moderator of EcoTone, at or contribute your thoughts in the comments section.

Thank you for your readership and contributions!

Photo Credit: Roger Smith

Author: Katie Kline

Moderator of EcoTone and ESA's communications officer.

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