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ESA presidents comment on NEON de-scoping

A guest commentary from 16 current and past presidents of ESA addressing a...

ESA Policy News September 2: Obama talks climate in Alaska, Research groups praise Senators for science conference support

Here are some highlights from the latest ESA Policy News by Policy Analyst...

#ESA100 carbon offsets: ESA donates $23,000 to Baltimore’s Parks & People Foundation

To offset the carbon expended to bring ecologists to the 100th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Md., ESA contributed $5 for each person attending to support community greening projects through a local non-profit.

Amplified spending constraints, political division necessitates policy engagement by scientists

  When Congress returns from the August recess, it will have just a...

Ecology in a Changing World: the #ESA100 centennial video

Who is the face of ecology in the new millenium? Where do ecologists work and what research questions engage the community? How will ecology bring science to bear on the environmental problems of our age? Ecological scientists at the peak of their careers and those just starting out comment on the state of the discipline as the society enters its second century.

President Obama wishes ESA a happy 100th birthday

Happy 100th birthday to the Ecological Society of America. You’ve come a long way from the first handful of ecologists who met in a hotel lobby to compare notes on plants and experiments.

Ecology from treetop to bedrock: human influence in earth’s critical zone #ESA100

An organized session on Critical Zone Ecology at ESA’s 100th Annual...

Scicomm resource guide to eco-communication

Looking to expand your toolbox? Curious to test the waters of science...