Call for nominations! Joan Ehrenfeld Award for Best Student Presentation in Urban Ecology


Born and raised in the City (Queens, NY), ecologist Joan Ehrenfeld did her field work close to home, exploring New Jersey from the Pine Barrens to the urban wetlands flanking the NYC metropolitan area throughout her 35-year career a Rutgers University. Ehrenfeld (pictured here in the NJ hills with her husband and fellow Rutgers ecology professor David Ehrenfeld) did foundational work in urban and restoration ecology, building on her interest on the interplay of plants and soil, and also found time to investigate invasive plants and heavy metal contamination of soil — and to mentor many junior scientists.

At the annual Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN next month, the Urban Ecosystems Ecology (UEE) section will present its second annual student presentation award in honor of the late Dr. Joan Ehrenfeld.

The award is open to both undergraduate and graduate students giving an oral presentation in the field of urban ecology at the annual meeting.

Students interested in being considered for this award, should send the following items to the UEE section vice-chair (Myla Aronson) by Thursday, August 1, 2012:

  • first and last name
  • title of talk
  • time of presentation
  • location of presentation
  • degree being sought (BA/BS, MS, PhD)
  • your accepted abstract
  • e-mail address

Short Summary from UEE:

Joan Ehrenfeld was one of the pioneers of urban ecology whose contributions helped shape our knowledge of urban ecosystems. Her work spanned many taxa and systems, ranging from novel work on urban wetlands to the role of people in shaping urban ecosystem processes. Her former students and postdocs are continuing this work around the globe. In recognition of her many contributions to urban ecology, the best oral presentation in urban ecology given at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting is named in her honor.

UEE will only be considering urban ecology presentations for the award. Please send your application materials with the subject line “Ehrenfeld Award” to: Myla Aronson, UEE Section Vice-Chair

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Myla.

Author: Liza Lester

ESA's Communications Officer came on board in the fall of 2011 after a Mass Media Science and Engineering fellowship with AAAS and a doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Washington.

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