Announcing the First ESA Millennium Conference


The Governing Board of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) invites proposals for the first ESA Millennium Conference. The new Millennium Conference Series provides ESA members the opportunity to organize special conferences highlighting emerging, exciting ideas in ecology with the endorsement and support of the Society. Organizers are encouraged to work across disciplinary boundaries, engage compelling speakers, and produce high-quality publications. The target date for this first Millennium Conference is early 2009.

To submit a proposal, review the Call for Proposals on line at and send your proposal to by October 31, 2007. Proposals will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the President of ESA and decisions will be announced by December 21, 2007.

For further information, contact Aleta Wiley, ESA Program Assistant, at

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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you have a newsletter that keeps people informed about events. I Just heard of you through a Biology professor and would like to know more about you . It seems like I am always in a hurry and have to fight for time to get on the computer and check out sites. I have looked your site over and would love to be kept abreast of new issues or events. So if you have a newsletter please sign me up. I would love to know if there are ways that college students can be involved to help in various ways. Are there internships through anything or just various ways we can help. Volunteer services of any kind. For a specific issue or for the organization as a whole. We are eager students. Use us, I will pass on anything I can to others who may be interested. I am in Junior college now but plan to go to NAU in Flaggstaff soon. Everyone there almost is majoring in some thing that has to do with everything you may be fighting towards. We are all on the same team but do not always know what we can do. I am grateful for any poiunting in the right direction.
    Thank you,
    Tedina Allen

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