Letter to Carol Browner

Eminent biologists E.O. Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy have written a letter to Carol Browner, incoming Special Assistant to the President for Energy & Climate Change, that calls on the new administration to not only act immediately to set standards for reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also to address the amelioration of climate change’s impacts on the natural world.

Based on a report (pictured at right) released by Defenders of Wildlife, the letter calls attention to the urgency of action to address climate change’s impacts on the natural resource base that sustains our world. The report suggests a new conservation paradigm based on protecting ecosystems and ensuring their resiliency.  Conclusions and specific policy recommendations include a clear federal policy direction to make climate change a national priority, a coordinated national strategy among agencies and governments, enhanced scientific capacity to inform policy decisions and significant and sustained federal funding for the initiative.

To sign on to the letter, e-mail Isra Pananon at Defenders of Wildlife with your name, your title and your affiliation by Jan. 23.

Author: Christine Buckley

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