Phenology, bees and climate change video

The Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA just put out this excellent video about pollination, phenology and the effects of climate change. Although NASA has satellite data showing that spring green-up has been occurring a half-day earlier each year, it’s a bit harder to figure out whether a corresponding change in phenology is occurring among pollinators. The video shows beekeepers–scientists and citizens alike–weighing their hives to find out whether flowering and pollination are getting out of sync.

View the video below, or check it out (free) in stunning high-def at the NASA web site.

Author: Christine Buckley

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  1. This is a great video! Thanks for sharing! More of these are needed! How about if ESA starts funding a camera crew with the current ESA president to showcase his/her research, its application to the community, the involvement of citizens, and the bigger picture! Thanks again.

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