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Science Office related publications in ESA’s journal Ecological Applications are listed below. Reprints of these features may be purchased from ESA Headquarters. For more information on Ecological Applications, click here.

Ecological Issues in Conservation, Special Feature August 2001

  • Ecological Issues in Conservation. Reed F. Noss and Rhonda Kranz.
  • A Mammalian Predator - Prey Imbalance: Grizzly Bear And Wolf Extinction Affect Avian Neotropical Migrants ♦ Joel Berger, Peter B. Stacey, Lori Bellis, and Matthew P. Johnson.
  • Carnivores As Focal Species For Conservation Planning In The Rocky Mountain Region ♦ Carlos Carroll, Reed F. Noss, and Paul C. Paquet
  • Hydrologic Connectivity And The Management Of Biological Reserves: A Global Perspective ♦ Catherine M. Pringle.
  • Nature Reserves: Do They Capture The Full Range Of America's Biological Diversity? ♦ J. Michael Scott, Frank W. Davis, R. Gavin McGhie, R. Gerald Wright, Craig Groves, and John Estes.
  • Assessing The Extent To Which Roadless Areas Complement The Conservation Of Biological Diversity ♦ Robert L. DeVelice and Jon R. Martin.
  • Synoptic Tinkering: Integrating Strategies For Large-Scale Conservation  ♦ Andrew P. Dobson, Jon Paul Rodr?uez, and W. Mark Roberts.

Managing the Land-Water Interface, Special Feature, August 2000

  • The Land-Water Interface: Science for a Sustainable Biosphere1 ♦ Catherine M. Pringle and Mary Barber
  • Entering An Era Of Water Scarcity: The Challenges Ahead ♦ Sandra L. Postel.
  • Aquatic Ecosystems: Harbingers Of Endocrine Disruption ♦ Theo Colborn and Kristina Thayer.
  • A Future Perspective On North America's Freshwater Ecosystems ♦ Robert J. Naiman and Monica G. Turner.
  • Threats To U.S. Public Lands From Cumulative Hydrologic Alterations Outside Of Their Boundaries ♦ Catherine M. Pringle.
  • Ecological Research For Aquatic Science And Environmental Restoration In South Florida ♦ Garth W. Redfield..
  • Operationalizing Sustainability: Management And Risk Assessment Of Land-Derived Nitrogen Loads To Estuaries ♦ I. Valiela, G. Tomasky, J. Hauxwell, M. L. Cole, J. Cebri?, and K. D. Kroeger..
  • Water Quality Trends And Management Implications From A Five-Year Study Of A Eutrophic Estuary ♦ Howard B. Glasgow Jr. and JoAnn M. Burkholder.
  • Effect Of Human Development On Bacteriological Water Quality In Coastal Watersheds ♦ Michael A. Mallin, Kathleen E. Williams, E. Cartier Esham, and R. Patrick Lowe.

Measuring Ecological Change, Special Feature May 1998

  • Toward a National Program for Monitoring Environmental Resources. Bricker, O.P. and M.A. Ruggiero.
  • Sliding Baselines, Ghosts, and Reduced Expectations in Kelp Forest Communities. Dayton, P.K., M.J. Tegner, P.B. Edwards, and K.L. Riser.
  • Measuring Trends in Ecological Resources. Dixon, P.M., A.R. Olsen, and B.M. Kahn.
  • Issues and Themes for Natural Resource Trend and Change Detection. Edwards, D.
  • Interannual Variability at Three Inland Water Sites: Implications for Sentinel Ecosystems. Jassby, A.D.
  • Estimating Population Change from Count Data: Application to the North American Breeding Bird Survey. Link, W.A. and J.R.Sauer.
  • Design and Estimation for Examining the Dynamics of Natural Resources. Nusser, S.M., F.J. Breidt, and W.A. Fuller.
  • Detecting Trends in Species Composition. Philippi, T.E, P.M. Dixon, and B.E. Taylor.
  • Sampling Methods for Estimating Change in Forest Resources. Scott, C.T.
  • Long-term Environmental Monitoring: Some Perspectives from Lakes. Stow, C.A., S.R. Carpenter, K.E. Webster, and T.M. Frost.
  • Can Site-Specific Trends Be Extrapolated to a Region? An Acidification Example for the Northeast. Stoddard, J.L., C.T. Driscoll, J.S. Kahl, J.H. Kellogg.
  • Monitoring for Policy-Relevant Regional Trends Over Time. Urquhart, N.S., S.G. Larsen.

Ecology, the Social Sciences, and Environmental Policy, Special Feature May 1998

  • Ecology, the Social Sciences, and Environmental Policy. Haeuber, R.A. and P. Ringold, Guest Editors.
  • Ecosystems and the Law: Toward an Integrated Approach. Keiter, R.B.
  • Improving Ecological Communication: The Role of Ecologists in Environmental Policy Formation. Norton, B.G.
  • Economic Analysis and Ecosystems: Some Concepts and Issues. Simpson, R.D.

Inferential Studies of Climate Change, August 1997

  • Assessing Grassland Responses to Atmospheric Change Using Linked Ecophysiological and Ecosystem Process Models. Coughenour, M. B. and D.-X. Chen.
  • The Relationship Between Climate Change and Patterns of Land Cover. Dale, V.
  • Global Change and Natural Area Protection: Management Responses and Research Directions. Halpin, P. N.
  • Climate Change, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, and Rising Sea Level in Coastal Wetlands: Projected Ecological Impacts and Research Challenges. Michener, W. K., E. R. Blood, et al.
  • Inferential Studies of Climate Change. Ringold, P. L. and P. M. Groffman.

Perspectives on Ecosystem Management, Forum August 1996

  • What Do Ecosystem Management and the Current Budget Mean For Federally Supported Environmental Research? Baker, D.J.
  • An Ecosystem Approach to Fish and Wildlife Conservation. Beattie, M.
  • Ecosystem Management in State Governments. Brown, R.S. and K. Marshall.
  • Science as a Model for Ecosystem Management -- Panacea or Problem? Cooperrider, A.Y.
  • Thinking Like a Mountain: BLM's Approach to Ecosystem Management. Dombeck, M.P.
  • Ecosystem Management at the Department of Defense. Goodman, S.W.
  • Ecosystem Approaches to Coastal and Ocean Stewardship. Griffis, R.B. and K.W. Kimball.
  • Forum: Perspectives on Ecosystem Management. Haeuber, R.A. and J. Franklin.
  • Ecosystem Management -- Principles for Practical Application. Heissenbuttel, A.E.
  • Surprise for Science, Resilience for Ecosystems, and Incentives for People. Holling, C.S.
  • Toward Legitimizing Ecosystem Management on the Public Domain. Keiter, R.B.
  • Ecosystem Management Challenges Ecologists. Meyer, J.L.
  • Ecosystem Management: Improving the Endangered Species Act. Miller, G.
  • Science Policy and Federal Ecosystem-Based Management. Morrissey, W.A.
  • The Scientific Basis for Ecosystem Management. Reichman, O.J. and H.R. Pulliam.
  • Adaptive Monitoring Design for Ecosystem Management. Ringold, P.L., J. Alegria, R.L. Czaplewski, B.S. Mulder, T. Tolle, and K. Burnett.
  • A Protocol for Ecosystem Management. Stanford, J.A. and G.C. Poole.
  • Forest Service Perspective on Ecosystem Management. Thomas, J.W.
  • Ecosystem Management in Practice: The Importance of Human Institutions. Yaffee, S.L.


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