ESA Blogs and Podcasts

Beyond the Frontier - Features interviews with the authors of selected articles appearing in recent print issues of the ESA journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Providing an opportunity for authors to discuss - in their own words - their research, related implications, and/or new developments in their field, Beyond the Frontier also aspires to make the subject matter accessible and interesting to listeners from a variety of scientific disciplines, and to non-specialists as well. Listeners are encouraged to continue the discussion online, using the “add comment” functionality underneath each podcast to post their own thoughts and ideas.
Ecologist Goes to Washington - What is the role of science in public policy? What stands to be gained or lost as scientists venture into the policy arena? As public understanding of the linkages between society and the environment has grown over recent years, so too has the demand for ecological tools and expertise. Still, science is only one of many factors that policy makers must consider - working at the science-policy interface requires ecologists to reframe their work in the context of society. The Ecologist Goes to Washington features the stories and reflections of scientists who have engaged their local, state, or federal governments in addressing the broader implications of their research.
Field Talk - Science is about more than just results, and behind every ecologist are stories of time spent in the field or at the bench. Field Talk focuses on the experiences of authors who have published in three of ESA’s journals: Ecology, Ecological Applications and Ecological Monographs. Join them on their adventures as they trek through tropical rain forests, submerge to the ocean’s depths and, of course, spend those late nights at the lab…all in the name of science.