David Inouye with flowers. An adult American peregrine falcon soars near her coastal nesting cliff in northern California, USA. Photo credit: Mary Malec 140814 Chiou Rong sketch your science
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New from ESA

New for 2015 – your membership dues will include the selection of one section or chapter of your choice. Additional sections and chapter may be selected each for $5.  Also new for 2015, any member who has forgotten their login can go to the eServices Home page. Click on “login” and use the “Can’t login button” to retrieve your login information.

ESA added two new sections this year: Disease Ecology and Early Career Ecologist.  To learn more about our two new sections click here.

Journals and Publications

ESA Bulletin October 14

Can a new classification system for cultural and natural vegetation help in assessing habitat and ecosystem responses? In the November issue of Ecological Monographs, Faber-Langendoen et al. present EcoVeg, a physiognomic-floristic-ecological approach to vegetation description and classification. See a Photo Gallery preview in October’s ESA Bulletin. ​

Photo credit: Kalyan Varma.​


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Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2015

The 100th Annual Meeting will be held August 9-14, 2015 in Baltimore, MD. The theme for the meeting is “Ecological Science at the Frontier: Celebrating ESA’s Centennial.”