David Inouye with flowers. An adult American peregrine falcon soars near her coastal nesting cliff in northern California, USA. Photo credit: Mary Malec 140814 Chiou Rong sketch your science
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The Early Career Ecologist Section, ESA’s newest section, is dedicated to supporting this sizeable demographic of the Society in the transitional period of their professional development (i.e. from student through the first few years of permanent full-time employment).  Topics of interest include the job search process, tenure and promotion, securing research funding, course development, fulfilling service responsibilities, and work-life balance, among many others. Membership is open to all and activities are aimed toward all ecologists who self-identify as “early career” regardless of their career trajectory.  Titles may include, but are not limited to, postdoctoral researchers, assistant professors, lecturers/instructors, adjunct faculty members, and employees of government, non-profit, advocacy, university, and industrial entities.

Questions and comments can be directed to Daniel Scholes, Chair, at earlycareer@esa.org or via Twitter @esa_earlycareer

Journals and Publications

Frontiers September 14

Some whale populations are only now beginning to recover worldwide after centuries of whaling. In the September issue of Frontiers, Roman et al. review the many effects that cetaceans have on the world’s ocean ecosystems, and how these effects are likely to change as their numbers increase.

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Outer Photo credit: A Moreno


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Annual Meeting 2015
The 100th Annual Meeting will be held August 9-14, 2015 in Baltimore, MD. The theme for the meeting is “Ecological Science at the Frontier: Celebrating ESA’s Centennial.”