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Betsabé Castro

Grace Wilkinson, “The President’s speech”

Grant Paton,
“A letter from the Dean”
Elizabeth Perkin,
“A day in the life”

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CENTENNIAL PAPERS: Notable papers from ESA Journals are open access for the rest of 2015. Discover or rediscover these seminal papers and join the conversation! Members are invited to read and submit commentaries. Browse the centennial collections for: Ecology, Ecological Monographs, Ecological Applications, Frontiers, Ecosphere.

Annual Meeting CENTENNIAL SESSIONS: ESA’s Historical Records Committee‘s July Newsletter is a special centennial edition, listing links to sessions with historical themes at the upcoming Annual Meeting in Baltimore. PDF: HRC News July 2015

SHARK WEEK: individual risk of white shark attack in California down 91 percent since 1950, Francesco Ferretti and colleagues report in a forthcoming paper in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.


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Frontiers June 2015

Local food provision systems are currently seen as an environmentally friendly niche market. However, in the June issue of Frontiers, Zumkehr and Campbell research the ability of local “foodsheds” to feed a substantial portion of the US population, with concomitant benefits to agroecosystem sustainability.


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2015 Annual Meeting:
ESA’s Centennial Celebration

ESA’s 100th Annual Meeting will be held August 9-14, 2015. Join us in beautiful downtown Baltimore to celebrate ESA’s first century and usher in the next. www.esa.org/baltimore