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Betsabé Castro

Grace Wilkinson, “The President’s speech”

Grant Paton,
“A letter from the Dean”
Elizabeth Perkin,
“A day in the life”

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PRESS RELEASE: ESA, President-elect Monica G. Turner, President David W. Inouye, and Immediate Past-president Jill S. Baron commend Pope Francis for his encyclical on the environment.

CENTENNIAL: Grant Paton, Elizabeth Perkin, and Grace Wilkinson imagine the pursuit of ecological science in the year 2065 in their winning entries for the Centennial Writing Contest, published in the June issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

SEEDS AWARD: ESA’s SEEDS program is the proud recipient of a 4-year, $597, 643 grant to develop activities that guide students to identify ecology as a viable career option, develop a sense of personal connection with science, and surmount cultural stereotypes that hinder participation. Read the SEEDS NSF award announcement and an interview with SEEDS alumna Betsabé Castro.


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Frontiers June 2015

Local food provision systems are currently seen as an environmentally friendly niche market. However, in the June issue of Frontiers, Zumkehr and Campbell research the ability of local “foodsheds” to feed a substantial portion of the US population, with concomitant benefits to agroecosystem sustainability.


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Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting:
ESA’s Centennial Celebration

ESA’s 100th Annual Meeting will be held August 9-14, 2015. Join us in beautiful downtown Baltimore to celebrate ESA’s first century and usher in the next. www.esa.org/baltimore