A Special Session held during ESA's Annual Meeting

REEFS – Resource for Ecology Education Fair and Share  – is an annual workshop held during ESA’s Annual Meeting. It is organized jointly by ESA’s Office of Education and Diversity and the Education Section.

 Now Accepting Proposals

8th Resources for Ecology Education Fair & Share (REEFS) session
2016 ESA Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, FLorida.      

Monday August 8, 2016  10:15 – 11:30 am

Teaching ideas at all levels of development are welcome!! For those who are developing a new activity, this is an opportunity for you to get immediate feedback! For those with tested activities come share your teaching resource. We welcome your participation as education leaders!  
Here’s what one of your colleagues said about REEFS 2015:

This workshop is always one of the highlights of ESA for me.

Space is limited so register today at  Please sign up by July 15.
As a preliminary step to publication, we ask all presenters to upload their activities to EcoEd Digital Library by  August 5, 2016.  Changes may be made at any time if needed.   
For more information, please contact Kim Bjorgo-Thorne, Education Section Chair 
For technical issues with submissions, please contact Teresa Mourad, Director, ESA Education and Diversity Programs

 Session Description

This session provides faculty an opportunity to learn about favorite classroom activities from colleagues and to learn about what they are doing to engage their undergraduate students using student-active methods. Instructors at all levels of experience are encouraged to participate. This session will break into small groups so that participants can discuss teaching challenges and strategies. 


  1. Learn about what colleagues are doing to engage their undergraduate students using active learning methods, and
  2. Improve classroom activities via the exchange of constructive feedback.
  3. Foster a network of support in advancing ecology education
  4. Encourage digital publishing of teaching resources through ESA’s EcoEd Digital Library and Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology (TIEE). 
  5. Promote the recommendations of the Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education Call to Action.


Instructor and Educators at all levels of teaching are welcome to participate in the REEFS Sessions. No pre-registration or sign-up is necessary. All participants must be attendees of the ESA Annual Meeting.

REEFS History

The first REEFS session was held in 2008. A list of learning activities and their authors is provided below by year. We encourage all authors to submit their learning activities to EcoEd Digital Library.

Past Events

2008 2010 2011 2012 2013

For additional information on each learning activity, feel free to contact the author or search for similar resources on EcoEd Digital Library.

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