Ecology for the New Generation

Ecology for the New Generation Committee Recommendations May 2012 [PDF]

In response to a 2010 ESA Membership Survey that highlighted the need to attract and support students and early career ecologists, President Stewart Pickett and the ESA Governing Board commissioned the creation of the Ecology for the New Generation Committee. Dr. Sonia Ortega was asked to form the committee to comment on the kinds of activities and strategies for messaging the Society might employ to attract and serve a membership that reflects the world of the 21st century. 

The Committee met in Fall 2011 and presented a set of recommendations to the Governing Board in Spring 2012. The report was subsequently presented to the ESA Governing Council and at the 2012 ESA Annual Meeting during the Diversity Luncheon in Portland, OR. 

The Committee broadly recommended a revision of ESA’s code of ethics to reflect the importance of integrating scientific research with the people and places where research is being conducted as well as specific recommendations in four areas:

  1. Engaging the New Generation
  2. New Skills and Career Paths
  3. Action Ecology, Translational Ecology, Environmental Justice
  4. International Networks

Implementation of Committee Recommendations

Implementation status updates will be posted as available.

  • Status Update from ESA on Committee Recommendations 
  • Governing Board has approved Change to Code of Ethics per Committee Recommendation.

Committee Members

Krista Capp, Samir Doshi, Erica Fernandez, Peter Søgaard Jørgensen, Kellen Marshall-Gillespie, Jorge Ramos, Colibri San Fiorenzo, Naupaka Zimmerman, Sonia Ortega (Committee Chair), Teresa Mourad (ESA Liaison)