North American Forest Ecology Workshop

The University of Alberta is hosting the 11th North America Forest Ecology Workshop from June 19-22 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The theme of NAFEW 2017 will be: Sustaining Forests from Restoration to Conservation. The conference will include one-day in-conference field trips to see both natural and industrial landscapes.

The call for special session proposals is now open at the conference website:

The conference website can be found at:

Organizing committee:

  • Phil Comeau
  • Ellen Macdonald
  • Simon Landhausser
  • Erin Bayne
  • Anne McIntosh
  • Scott Nielsen
  • Brad Pinno
  • Deborah Renton
  • John Stadt
  • Barb Thomas

For more information individuals can contact the meeting organizing committee at

Scenarios and Models of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Support of Decision-Making


Date of meeting: 24 – 26 August 2016

The conference covers scenarios and modelling applications in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. It intends to mobilise experts in all relevant disciplines of natural and social sciences as well as policy makers and practitioners. Conference topics focus on:

  • Exploring recent advances in modelling human impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Addressing the use of scenarios and models for decision support
  • Mobilising observations of biodiversity and ecosystem services for model development and testing
  • Capacity building for developing scenarios and models  and for their use in decision making
  • Horizon scanning and addressing gaps in knowledge

Registration and abstract submission are now open on the conference website

Deadline for abstract submission is the 01 June 2016
Early bird registration fees apply until the 26 June 2016
Limited financial support (travel / accommodation) is available for participants from developing countries

Organising Committee

  • Paul Leadley, Université Paris Sud, France
  • Sandra Lavorel, Université Joseph Fourier, France
  • Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Germany
  • Mingchang Cao, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science, Ministry of Environmental protection, China
  • Wolfgang Cramer, Mediterranean Institute of Marine and Terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology, France
  • Simon Ferrier, CSIRO, Australia
  • Walter Jetz, Yale University, United States
  • Karachepone Ninan, Centre for Economics, Environment and Society, India
  • Jean Paul Metzger, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Guy Midgley, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Jyothis Sathyapalan, Centre for Economic and Social Studies, India
  • Osamu Saito, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability, Japan
  • Yunne-Jai Shin, Université Montpellier, France
  • Brendan Wintle, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Cornelia Krug, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité, France

Additional Information

Please navigate to the official website:
To contact the organizers: Cornelia Krug +33 1 80 05 89 41 or

UFRO 125th Anniversary Congress September 2017 in Freiburg, Germany

Call for Sessions Proposals


The Congress Scientific Committee (CSC) invites submissions of session proposals for the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) 125th Anniversary Congress, September 2017, in Freiburg, Germany.

In keeping with the congress title – “Interconnecting Forests, Science and People” – we invite proposals on all subjects related to forest research worldwide. This congress provides a platform for the exchange of science knowledge across the full range of forest and forest-related topics and scientific disciplines.

Recognizing that forests need to be seen in connection with other environmental and human systems, the CSC welcomes session proposals highlighting innovative research and interdisciplinary research approaches of relevance to forests. Moreover, sessions focusing on the transfer of scientific knowledge on critical global forest-related challenges to national and international political agendas are also encouraged.

Participation in the special IUFRO Congress is open to all individuals with an interest in forest science. Proposals can be submitted online at

The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 June, 2016.


For more information
Andrew Liebhold, Chair Congress Scientific Committee

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At the 2015 event in Vienna*

  • 90% of attendees were satisfied with the QUALITY OF PRESENTATIONS
  • 83% of attendees RECEIVED UPDATES about main trends in the industry
  • 75% of exhibitors considered the NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES GOOD OR EXCELLENT

*EUBCE 2015 Post Event Report


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12th International Congress of Ecology INTECOL 2017 – Beijing, China


Aug. 21st – 25th, 2017. Beijing, China

The 12th International Congress of Ecology (INTECOL 2017 Beijing) will be held in Beijing, China, August 21-25, 2017. As the host of the congress, the Ecological Society of China (ESC) warmly welcomes ecologists, environmental policy makers and practitioners to join this Congress from all over the globe. The theme of the congress is Ecology and Civilization in a Changing World which will focus on harmonious and sustainable development among people, nature, and society in the context of global change.

Thematic Topics of the Congress

  • Ecosystem services and management
  • Global climate change and ecosystem adaptation
  • Urbanization and regional environmental change
  • Biogeochemical cycling and ecosystem health
  • Ecological degradation and ecosystem restoration
  • Environmental stress and biodiversity conservation
  • Industrial ecology and green economy
  • Molecular ecology and evolution
  • Landscape pattern, process and sustainability
  • Ecohydrology and watershed management
  • Paleoecology, ecological dynamics and environmental assessment
  • Agroecology, suatainable agriculture and rural development
Call for SymposiumTo promote collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue, we invite you to propose symposia with specific topics. Proposals are encouraged to address the congress theme, if appropriate, but doing so is not necessary. Any timely and coherent subject of broad ecological interests will be considered. We also welcome proposals that explore interdisciplinary connections with areas of social and natural science outside of ecology. Each symposium should have 8 to 10 speakers (15 min. presentations plus 5 min. discussions). The content of symposium should follow the form given in the attachment. The deadline for symposium submission is May 1, 2016.
» Please submit your proposals to and The Congress Scientific Committee (CSC) will evaluate the symposium proposals and participants will be required to submit abstracts afterwards.
» For more information about the 12th INTECOL International Congress of Ecology, please visit the website: Contact Dr. Liding CHEN Professor of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences General Secretary of ESC Email: -or-

Application Form (.doc)