ESA Long Range Plan

Long Range Plan

Promotion of the science of ecology is the central activity of the ESA. This is accomplished by fostering basic and applied research, making the results of that work available to practitioners and decision-makers, and providing information about the science of ecology to the public.

Goal 1. Improve Ecological Science and its Application - To foster ecological research, development, and applications

  • 1.1 Promote and recognize excellence in ecological science
  • 1.2 Improve relevance and utility in ecological sciences
  • 1.3 Recognize and promote the integration of multiple approaches to ecological science
  • 1.4 Promote opportunities for ecologists to learn new ideas and techniques in ecology and related fields
  • 1.5 Increase the diversity of ecologists, including representation of cultural, ethnic, gender, intellectual and disciplinary perspectives, and persons with disabilities

Goal 2: Improve Communication- To promote ecological science by improving communication among ecologists and other specialists.

  • 2.1 Maintain the health and broaden the use of the Society's publications
  • 2.2 Promote communication among the community of international ecologists
  • 2.3 Increase communication between members and the Society's staff and leadership, and among the Society's sections, chapters, and committees
  • 2.4 Increase the breadth of areas of ecology that are included within journals and meetings
  • 2.5 Continue to improve the effectiveness of annual meetings
  • 2.6 Facilitate two-way communication between ecologists and users of our science

Goal 3: Enhance Education and Public Awareness- Engage the public in a dialogue on environmental issues and improve ecological education at all levels

  • 3.1 Contribute to ecological curricula and instruction in formal and informal educational settings.
  • 3.2 Develop collaborations and partnerships with groups of environmental and science educators
  • 3.3 Increase within the Society recognition of the value of educational activities
  • 3.4 Increase and promote the understanding of ecological science among the public.

Goal 4: Increase Resources - To increase the resources available for the conduct of ecological science

  • 4.1 Identify current and potential sources of funding to support ecological science and our Society.
  • 4.2 Develop new and cultivate existing sources of funding for ecological science and our Society.
  • 4.3 Identify, prioritize and promote emerging research and education initiatives
  • 4.4 Promote interdisciplinary work
  • 4.5 Increase the number of members having active involvement in the Society, beyond the publication and presentation of papers

Goal 5: Inform Policy - To improve interactions between ecologists and policy-makers in formulating and evaluating policy.

  • 5.1 Raise awareness among ESA members of the value and importance of enhancing communication with policy makers, decision makers, and decision implementers.
  • 5.2 Increase the number of ecologists who participate in policy development and implementation.
  • 5.3 Be a prime source of ecological information for policy development and implementation
  • 5.4 Promote the inclusion of ecological science in decision making and implementation
  • 5.5 Promote the objective and responsible use of science