Postdoctoral Associate, Tropical Forest Ecology and Biodiversity

Postdoctoral Associate, Tropical Forest Ecology and Biodiversity
Location: Arlington, VA; other locations negotiable

The Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network seeks a quantitative tropical forest ecologist at the postdoctoral level to conduct research and analyses using existing data from the TEAM Network on biodiversity (trees, lianas, vertebrates), land cover/land use change, climate, productivity and carbon storage in tropical forests to advance understanding of the dynamics or spatial patterns of tropical forest biodiversity and its implications for conservation practice and policy. Potential research foci include (but are not restricted to): the relationship between patterns of plant and animal diversity at local, regional and global scales, and implications of these relationships for conservation practice and policy; what are the implications of increasing climate variability and/or non-analog climates for plant or animal communities in tropical forests, and how do these vary among continents?
The TEAM Network is a unique global monitoring network for tropical forests, comprised of three core partners (Conservation International, Smithsonian Institution, Wildlife Conservation Society and the Missouri Botanical Garden). Using standardized, high-quality field and remote sensing methods, Network partners collect repeated measurements of tree and liana diversity, carbon storage, terrestrial vertebrate diversity using camera traps, climate, land use change, and land use change drivers. The data are curated and managed in a central location, from which they are made publicly available in near-real-time through the TEAM web portal.
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