Dozens of Biological Science Technicians Needed in California Sierra Nevada

TITLE: Dozens of Biological Science Technicians Needed in California Sierra Nevada

SUMMARY: The Stanislaus National Forest needs an unprecedented number of over 100 new, temporary workers for the 2014 field season for Rim Fire Recovery and other projects. The Stanislaus National Forest needs college graduates or experienced field technicians in archeology, forestry, botany, wildlife biology, fisheries, and hydrology. Come join the nation’s largest field crew at the Stanislaus National Forest in 2014 for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a community of outdoor enthusiasts who will help build the foundation for forest recovery.

POSITIONS: As of February 13, 2014, USAJOBS is accepting applications for the following positions below. Note the application deadline. Announcements for other natural and cultural resource jobs on the Stanislaus National Forest will follow later within the next week. To apply, read the “How to Apply” section below.

Series and Gradea Announcement # on USAJOBS Window to Apply
GS-0404-03/03 TEMP-R5-GS404-3-BIO AID-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-04/04 TEMP-R5-GS404-4-PLANTS-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-04/04 TEMP-R5-GS404-4-WLDLIFE-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-04/04 TEMP-R5-GS404-4-FISH-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-05/05 TEMP-R5-GS404-5-FISH-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-05/05 TEMP-R5-GS404-5-PLANTS-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-05/05 TEMP-R5-GS404-5-WLDLIFE-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-06/06 TEMP-R5-GS0404-6-PLANTS-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-06/06 TEMP-R5-GS404-6-FISH-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-06/06 TEMP-R5-GS404-6-WLDLIFE-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-07/07 TEMP-R5-GS404-7-PLANTS-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-07/07 TEMP-R5-GS404-7-WLDLIFE-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0404-07/07 TEMP-R5-GS404-7-FISH-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014
GS-0430-09/09 TEMP-R5-GS430-9-BOTANIST-DT 2/13/2014 to 2/26/2014


The beautiful Stanislaus National Forest encompasses 898,099 acres on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada; California’s snow-capped mountain range. Located between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park, the Forest landscape is a continuum of natural and scenic beauty that defines the Sierra. Amid soaring crests, sparkling blue alpine lakes, towering forests, and canyons carved by cool rushing rivers, visitors discover connections with nature and the spirit of the Sierra Nevada. A mere three-hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Forest is a very popular destination place.

Sonora and the surrounding communities are rich in culture and gold rush history. Restaurants, theaters, weekend festivals, and recreational opportunities attract many visitors to the area.

Recreational opportunities on the forest and the surrounding area are outstanding. Kayaking, river rafting, rock-climbing, fishing, swimming, hiking, backpacking, and camping are very popular.


Step 1: Create a USAJOBS account (if you do not already have one) at

Step 2: Create a resume with USAJOBS or upload a resume into your USAJOBS account.

Step 3: The Forest Service in California is advertising their positions together. Each series and step will be advertised in a staggered time frame. For example, the biological science technician series (GS-0404) is currently being advertised, and it will close on February 26, 2014. The other series and grades will appear on USAJOBS later. You may need to use the advance search option with the job title to find the correct job announcement number. Read the entire announcement and all the instructions before you begin. Click “Apply Online” and follow the prompts to complete the Occupational Questionnaire and attach any additional documents that may be required. Make sure you select all duty stations within Stanislaus National Forest to be considered for these jobs. They include: Sonora, Mi-Wuk Village, Hathaway Pines, Pinecrest, and Groveland. Frequently check USAJOBS for new series and grades that may appear. You may check by searching the duty stations within Stanislaus National Forest listed above to see what series and grades are available that day.


If you need more detailed information, e-mail:, and in the subject header type: “More information needed (ESA).”

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