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Welcome to the ESA2014 Science Café entry form. If you encounter problems with the form during submission or believe that your submitted contest entry contains errors, please contact Liza Lester at

Questions? Email Liza or tweet @esa_org (by 5pm EDT on Friday, 30 May 2014)

  • The winner will present at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, August 13th.
  • Download the ESA2014 Café Prize instructions.
  • We recommend that you submit early – if you have questions or a problem with the form over the weekend, we won’t be available to help you!

The contest deadline is Friday, 30 May 2013


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ESA2014 Science Cafe Prize

Contact information

Your personal details will not be visible to the selection committee during review.

Part 1: Words

In 250 words or fewer, introduce the research subject you would present at Science Café and share a colorful detail, personal reflection, or anecdote that expresses why it is important to you. Tell us the key idea or concept you would like audiences to take away from a presentation on your subject. Respect the word limit; if you exceed 250 words you will be disqualified.


• Try to avoid or limit scientific language. Keep in mind that words like “community” may be Standard English, but have special meaning for ecologists that will not be familiar to all audiences.

• We don’t mean that you need to dumb down your work. Give yourself permission to be creative in translation, and less exacting than you would be in a research communication.

• We encourage you to take on hard or complex topics but we recommend that you choose only one hard or complex topic!

• It may help to choose one aspect of your work to share and not attempt to be comprehensive.

Part 2: Pictures

Choose one image that is evocative of your subject, illustrates your subject, or that you just like a lot and can convincingly tie into your topic. The image could be a photo, cartoon, flow chart, scientific doodle, or even a complex graph. It could be a photo of a person at a white board drawing a doodle or complex graph. We invite you to dream up something we didn’t list here.

• The image should be a graphic that you have created or have explicit permission to use.

• The image should not exceed 500 KB (it need not be publication quality!).

• Acceptable file types: jpg, png, gif

(titles should be 1 – 5 words)

In 100 words or fewer, tell us about the image. How does it evoke your subject?

You may want to take a look at how the editors of National Geographic, Natural History, and other photo-heavy magazines headline their pictures, for inspiration.

• List the name(s) of the creator(s).

• If the image is your own but has been previously published, please list a citation or link to the abstract (below).

• We recommend using your own, unpublished materials.

• By submitting your image, you grant ESA and NCESD permission to reproduce it in promotional materials.

If you copied or remixed the image from the Wikimedia Commons, a government archive, or another online Creative Commons, please include a link to the source.