Robert Arkle collected data at Clover Creek in 2009 near the perimeter of a fire that burned on Idaho’s Owyhee High Plateau in 1994. Credit (co-author) David Pilliod, July 2009. A greater sage grouse male. Credit, Jeanne Stafford, US Fish and Wildlife Service Nevada office. Eating is an agricultural act. (Wendel Berry) – Lisa Schulte Moore sketched a Leopold- style Message Box in preparation for her Science Cafe adventure last August.
David Pilliod Jeanne Stafford/FWS Lisa Schulte Moore

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In January 2015, the Ecological Society of America, in partnership with the Ecological Society of China, will launch a new peer-reviewed, open access journal, Ecosystem Health and Sustainability. The aim is to provide a venue for high-quality science from all around the world, with particular emphasis on international collaborations between developed and developing world scientists. For information on the aims and scope of the new journal, the members of the international advisory board and editorial board, and the types of articles that will be considered for this new publication, please visit www.esa.org/ehs

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Ecology Apr 14

Anthropogenic climate change can present a variety of problems to pool-breeding amphibians like the Pacific chorus frog (Pseudacris regilla) metamorph pictured here. However, in the April edition of Ecology, O’Regan et al. propose that warming-induced increases in metabolic rate and aquatic resource availability may in some cases mediate adverse effects of rapid pond drying. Photo credit: S. C. Anderson.


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Annual Meeting

ESA Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CAThe 99th Annual Meeting will be held August 10-15, 2014, in Sacramento, CA. The theme for the meeting is “From Oceans to Mountains: It’s All Ecology.”

ESA 99th Annual Meeting in Sacramento
The deadline for companies and organizations to sign up to participate at the ESA 99th Annual Meeting may be months away, but exhibit space and print advertising are selling well. To ensure your preferred locations for each, please don’t delay in submitting the required Application Form. Prospectus of Opportunities, and related documents can be found under Exhibitors tab at the meeting web site, www.esa.org/sacramento.