Joseph Leyda

Leyda_CORiverkeeper_2013Joseph Leyda works as an expert witness for groups that seek to protect, preserve, and restore the environment. He has addressed a variety of ecological topics in lawsuits and permit commenting, and helped secure millions of dollars for environmental cleanups. As an expert witness, he serves as an information conduit between the scientific and legal communities, and tries to identify ways for ecologists and policy makers to help each other.

Mr. Leyda is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) and a Certified Ecologist, and has 13 years of consulting experience in ecology and policy. Mr. Leyda is a licensed falconer, and has worked with raptors and wild animals since childhood for falconry, education, and rehabilitation. His early experience in environmental education gives him the tools to reach out to a wide variety of groups and foster ecological learning.

Mr. Leyda is open to helping any faith community that wants to know more about ecology and permaculture. He is a nomadic Christian and attends different churches with friends depending on his location, and enjoys attending services of different religions. His hobbies include textual criticism, early Christian history, and researching/reading ancient scriptures in Hebrew and Koine Greek. Mr. Leyda can work with faith group leaders to develop environmental programs in a congregation, lecture on specific topics relevant to the group, or simply be available to answer questions.

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