Dorothy Boorse


Dorothy Boorse has been working with faith communities for years to foster a love of the natural world, and an understanding of the effects of human actions on the world around us. As a person of faith, her own spiritual journey has been informed by several traditions. One important part of that development was attending Mennonite schools. As a child, she was taught both at school and at home that care of your neighbor is tied to the careful use of resources and simplicity, that the natural world is wondrous and has its own value, and that God is honored when we protect the environment and care for others. These concepts are central to her work as a teacher and to her outreach. In 2011, she was lead author on a report on poverty and climate change published by he National Association of Evangelicals, Loving the Least of These. She was also part of a group who organized a letter from 200 evangelical scientists calling on congress to take action on climate change in July 2013.

Dorothy has spoken to faith groups about forming a stewardship ethic as well as more specific issues such as the effect of global environmental problems on poverty.

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