ESA Environmental Justice Section

The Environmental Justice (EJ) Section of ESA promotes the engagement of ecologists in addressing environmental injustice issues through education, research and outreach.   Environmental Justice aims at the elimination of disproportionate environmental impacts on any groups, and that there is full inclusion of all stakeholders in environmental decision-making. Our goal is that all ESA members should understand the relationship between ecology and EJ and should work to address EJ issues.  Through publications, annual meeting events, and ESA-member initiatives members of the Environmental Justice Section educate members in EJ principles, identify ESA members with expertise and interest relevant to EJ, and assist ecologists in identifying EJ-relevant dimensions of their field.   We encourage interaction with other organizations engaged in EJ issues, and collaboration with other professional organizations involved in major environmental projects with EJ dimensions.
For further information on the section, please contact:
George Middendorf, Howard University (
Leanne Jablonski, Marianist Environmental Education Center (
Charlie Nilon, University of Missouri-Columbia (