This section of the water purification tool kit is a compilation of images, tables, quotes, poetry, and other resources aimed to help you design an interesting and effective written or oral presentation for your audience. The use of visuals, stories, and other colorful devices can be very helpful in communicating difficult concepts and in keeping your audience engaged. You may want to select items included here for your presentation or simply use them to inspire ideas of your own.

These presentation aids provide a base of materials from which we intend to continually expand. It is our hope that people who take from this collection will also leave behind items they develop so that others may use them. If you would like to contribute to the materials available here, please send an email to and reference "water purification presentation aids" in the subject line.

Poetry and Quotes
Poetry: Water purification–related poetry from Langston Hughes, Mary Oliver, D. H. Lawrence, and others.
Quotes: Writings on aquatic issues from Aldo Leopold, Henry David Thoreau, and other notable people.

Photos and Graphics
Photos: Rivers and streams, aquatic and wetland flora and fauna, agriculture- and industry-related images.
Links to Photos: Links to other web sites with more great photos and graphics.

Presentation Slides
Illustrated Slides: Powerpoint slides combining text with interesting visual graphics.
Text Slides: Lists, tables, quotes, and other plain text slides.

Demonstrations and Games
Activities to illustrate a point or concept and involve your audience at the same time.