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Confronting Climate Change in California (PDF): A report jointly produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Ecological Society of America, was written in 1999 by nationally and internationally renowned climate scientists and ecologists based in California. The report is designed to raise awareness of global warming and broaden understanding of its potential impacts on the environment Californians love and depend upon.

ESA Fact Sheets: Subjects include: Acid Deposition, Biocomplexity, Acid Rain Revisited, What is Hypoxia?, Ecosystem Services, Invasive Species, Biodiversity, Coral Reefs, Global Climate Change.

Issues in Ecology: The Issues in Ecology series are designed to report, in language understandable by non-scientists, the consensus of a panel of scientific experts on issues relevent to the environment. All reports undergo peer review and must be approved by the editorial board before publication.

The Nature and Value of Australia's Ecosystem Services