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New Officers for 2010-2012
Peter Groffman (Chairperson) and Daniela Cusack (Secretary) are the section's officers for 2010-2012.

Jorge Ramos has also volunteered to be the liaison for the biogeoscience section to ESA's student section.

The section will continue to sponsor awards and to organize the student/faculty dinners during the Annual Meeting. Announcements about these opportunities will be made around May.

As a reminder, the awards are:
1. Junior Scientist Outstanding Publication Award ($250) is presented to the first author of a notable paper in the biogeosciences that was published between January of the previous year and May of the current year.  To be considered for this award, the paper must have been assigned a DOI.
2. Elizabeth Sulzman award ($250) recognizes research done by a graduate student and published within two years of graduation.
3. Gene E. Likens award ($250) recognizes work conducted by an early career scientist published within five years of receiving a Ph.D for work conducting after the completion of graduate school.
4. New Phytologist award ($500) for best student presentation at the annual meeting.

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